The Amazon Kindle’s ebook format is basically just the Mobipocket format with a slightly different serial number scheme and .prc publications can be read directly on the Kindle, Amazon provide software for reading on various devices and platforms, including Microsoft Windows, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac OS X (10.5 or later, Intel processor only), Android, webOS, and Windows Phone.

To remove drm from Kindle ebook, you must download it in Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac on, file copied from Kindle reader by usb cable doesn’t support very well.

Download Kindle for PC Download Kindle for Mac

Kindle DRM Removal is tools to delete DRM protection, let user to backup ebook, convert azw file to pdf/epub format, it support Windows and Mac, this is detail.

Windows : Win2000 / WinXP / Win2003 / Vista / Win7 Mac : MacOSX 10.6 and above

More Information Download for Win Download for Mac

You find folder where file saved in Kindle for pc, goto menu Tools–options, click Content page, you also can change content folder.

To deregister account in Kindle for pc, goto menu Tools–options, click Registration page, you deregister and register.

Buy Once, Read Everywhere: You don’t need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books. Download one of our free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on all your devices. The Kindle app is available for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer. That means with our free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed. And of course, you can also read that same Kindle book on a Kindle device if you own one.

With Amazon’s Whispersync technology, you can automatically save and synchronize your furthest page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across all your devices. That means you can start reading a book on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device.

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